Spring Begins

Today was the day when Spring Begins. Here in California we have already been seeing signs of spring, but today was the actual day that we could finally say that spring is here.

Cherry Blossoms, Cherries, Orchard, trees, spring, blossomsThe cherry trees are full of blossoms and the orchards look like a field of snow.

tiny apricots, apricot tree, spring, fruit budsThe blossoms on the apricot trees have dropped off and in their stead the apricots are starting to form. It will not be long before the trees are full of fruit.

pink blossoms, stone fruit, nectarines, peaches, orchardsOther stone fruit trees like nectarines and peaches are also blossoming and coming alive in the beautiful spring weather.

honey bee, blossom, fertilizing, pollen, orchardThe honeybees are busy pollinating the trees and gathering nectar for honey.

cat on farm equipment, barnyard cat, Barnyard cats are basking in the sun on the farm implements and we are all just enjoying a return to warmer weather.

Spring has sprung.


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