Thursday Library Thoughts

It is Thursday evening and I am thinking about libraries. I will share why I am thinking about libraries and also a few memories.

Tracy Transit Station, Tracy, California, Harvest of ProgressThis evening I attended a meeting at the City of Tracy Transit Station. The City held a Community Outreach Meeting to discuss ideas for a Multi-Generational Recreation Center that is in the planning stage.

One of the exciting components of the project is the inclusion of a library in the new center.

There was some great discussion and I was able to make some important contacts.

Tracy Library, Flower Gardens, Rose Gardens, NatureIt will be great to have a second library as we are really under-served with just one location in a city with a population of over 90,000. It will be exciting to be involved in this great project as a board member of the Friends of the Library.

Boy Scouts in uniform, Dallas, Craig, Scout Camp, Camping, Scouting MemoriesTonight I am also having memories of when I was a Boy Scout. My Eagle project was helping coordinate the move from our old library to a brand new one. It is great to again be involved in a new library project.

Ashland Kansas, Old LIbrary, Eagle Project, LibrariesI also just ran across two pictures that were taken on the day of the move. Here I am standing in front of the old library.

Ashland Kansas, Library, New library, eagle projectHere is the new library. It was a great event for our town as the new library was so much bigger and there was a lot more space for library programs and community events.

This is much like what we are working toward with this project. However, it will be a much bigger project and will complement and not replace the current library.

I am also having memories of the libraries I went to as a kid in Iowa, the college library I worked at while in school and many libraries that I have visited through the years. However, these are topics for other posts.

For now, I am just really excited that this new project is starting.

Now for some reading before bed đŸ™‚



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