Flu plus Jet-lag plus Time Change

This weekend has not been a good one as I am battling the trifecta of flu, jet-lag and the time change. Well, to be honest it is really only the flu that is having any great effect. The combined time change would have only been two hours which would not have been much toward jet-lag.

Flower Clock, Prince Hotel, Toronto, Westin HotelLast week was spent in Toronto where the weather was cold and dreary. You can see here the flower clock at my hotel which is pretty barren in the winter.

Flower Clock, Westin Prince Hotel, Toronto, Canada, FlowersA little later in the year it will be ready for planting.

Westin Prince Toronto Canada - Flower Clock - Fall Colors - Floral ClockLater in the year it will be beautiful with all the flowers.

However, enough about the clock and time change. It has been the flu that has taken me down this weekend. It did not hit me until Saturday evening, and I then spent close to 36 hours in bed.

Luckily I have a colleague who was able to teach the first day of the course I have scheduled this week. I should be able to teach tomorrow unless I have a relapse. I am feeling much better now although I still have a bit of discomfort. Hopefully a good night of sleep will have me ready to go tomorrow.

I am just really glad that it didn’t hit until I made it home. I would feel really sorry for the people on the plane if it hit while flying.

Now to sleep on freshly laundered sheets…


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