Friday in Toronto

I am a day late on this post, but yesterday I had a long flight and returned home to California very late.

High Park, Breakfast, Friday, TorontoI started out my day early as we took my friend’s son to work. Since we were near High Park we went and had breakfast at one of his favorite places. Just a simple breakfast of eggs, toast, bacon and hash browns. However, it was really good as usual.

Kensington, Toronto, Graffiti, Street ArtAfter breakfast we went to the Kensington Market neighborhood. This is a unique area full of a wide variety of ethnic restaurants and small shops.

Hot Box Cafe, Marijuana, Kensington Market, Toronto Kensington Market is also home to several cannabis relate business like The Hot Box Cafe which has been “Serving Potheads Since Ah… I Forget”. There was definitely a smell of cannabis in the area.

The area is home to a lot of street art and I will share some in a future post.

Hot Dog, Lunch, Toronto, Travel FoodAfter a trip back to the house for lunch it was time to take a shower and then head off to the airport.

Middle Aisle Seat, Bad Seat, Bathroom Row, Air CanadaWhen I checked my seat number while going through security I found that I was in a middle seat, when I knew that I had been assigned an aisle seat a week ago. I checked the seat map and found that I was in a short row that didn’t have an aisle seat, so it was essentially an aisle seat. At least I only had to worry about one person having to get up.

Air Canada, Bathroom Row, Bad Seat, Toilet SmellHowever, this was the view from my seat. I was just across from the bathroom, so had a steady stream of people by my seat. This was a bit troublesome when I was trying to nap.

It was a good thing it was only a six hour flight 🙂

This would have been a good seat to have if I was feeling like I am now. It has taken a long time to write this post as I have been spending a lot of time in the bathroom tonight. It would have been impossible to fly in my condition, even that close to the bathroom.

I hope I am feeling better by tomorrow night as I have a class that I am teaching that starts on Monday morning.


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