Ready for Pi Day?

Are you ready for Pi day? Have you decided how you will celebrate this geeky day?

Of course for most of the world this is not too apparent as the date will be 14/3/18. But for us here in the US the date is 3/14/18 and we all know that 3.14 = π.

Apple Berry Pie - Pi Day - 3.14159So, with a little bit of world play it means that it is a day when we should eat pie to celebrate pi day.

I am not sure yet what type of pie I will eat. It will somewhat depend on how I feel. My taste buds are a bit off as I recover from my stomach problems.

Perhaps I will have a nice sweet berry pie like shown above.

Thanksgiving Pie - Pumpkin Pie - First ThanksgivingPerhaps some pumpkin pie?

Canadian Thanksgiving, Pie Safe, Pies, Pumpkin Pie, Apple PieOr, perhaps not a classic dessert pie after all.

Pi Day, Peperoni Pizza, Pizza PieA pizza is an option as it is also a pie.

Apple Pi, 3.14, Rounded Pi Day, March 14Or, maybe a good savory pie like this chicken pot pie.

A long time ago I had π memorized to over 100 places. I am not going to attempt to freshen my memory, but here it is.

π = 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510


Perhaps I will just read the digits 🙂

Einstein, Frankfurt Airport, Selfie, Einstein statueOh, and we should also remember Albert Einstein on Pi Day as it is his birthday. He was born 139 years ago in Ulm, Germany. The picture above was taken at the Frankfurt airport where they have a statue of him in one of the terminals.

Happy Pi Day!


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1 Response to Ready for Pi Day?

  1. Norman Fultz says:

    Did you forget Moon Pie? Like in, “Give me an RC Cola and a Moon Pie ‘neath the Maple on the hill.”

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