Tuesday in Toronto

I will keep with a theme of [Day] in Toronto, so here is Tuesday in Toronto.

Tim Hortons, Breakfast Sandwiches, Breakfast, TorontoI walked out this morning to Tim Hortons to have my Canadian breakfast. I had a breakfast sandwich along with a sour cream plain donut and hot chocolate.

Guess what I will have for breakfast tomorrow 🙂

Snow, Sidewalk, Winter Weather, TorontoI got to walk to work this morning in a little bit of snow. There were just a few flurries and the snow was just sticking a little bit. On the way home the sidewalks were dry, but there were a few snowflakes floating toward the ground.

Chinese Lunch, Toronto, Canada, Training LunchWe had Chinese food brought in for lunch today. There was enough food to serve twice the number of students that I had, so many of the office staff joined us for lunch. The fried tofu was really good. I had to go back for seconds on the tofu.

We had a good day of class, and then it was back to the hotel to relax. I watched another episode of the Taiwanese drama I have been watching on DramaFever.

Pizza, Toronto, Pizza Pie, York Mills, PiFor dinner tonight I walked over to Pizzaiola to get a couple slices of pizza. I always enjoy the pizza at Pizzaiola. The toppings are good and the crust has about the right thickness. Not too thick.

Curling, Canada, Winter Sports, Toronto, TSN, Tim HortonsI am now watching curling in my hotel room. There is a big tournament going on that is sponsored by Tim Hortons. The Brier is the Canadian Men’s Curling Championship and is considered by some to be more prestigious to win than the World Championship.

What will Wednesday bring?


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