Thursday in Toronto

The theme continues with Thursday in Toronto.

Tim Hortons, Sausage Biscuit, Simply Sausage, BreakfastThis morning as usual I walked out to Tim Hortons for breakfast. I finally got what I really wanted this morning when I ordered. I have asked for the same thing each day with varying results. The goal is a sausage biscuit that has only sausage. No egg or cheese.

On Tuesday I got sausage and egg. On Wednesday I got sausage, egg and cheese. Today I found out that I should have been asking for Simply Sausage. Oh well, perhaps I will remember this on my next trip. It always takes me a few days to figure out how to order what I want 🙂

This morning I did not walk to the office as I needed to check out from the hotel and I didn’t want to drag Clifford down the long sidewalks to the office. One of my students picked me up.

Lunch, falafel, chick peas, fries, me va me restaurant However, I made up for some of the missed walking by going out to lunch with my students to celebrate them all passing their tests.

We went to a restaurant called Me Va Me which serves Mediterranean food. I had a plate of falafel, salad and fries. The falafel was not as good as what I am used to getting in Israel. They just had a bit of an interesting taste that didn’t set quite right. However, the rest of the dish was nice. The fries were just the right crispness and had a bit of seasoning.

Car Fire, Toronto, 401, Commute FireAfter lunch I taught another short class for a different group and after the class one of the students took me to my friends’ house where I will spend the night before flying home tomorrow afternoon.

The commute did not look too bad according to the traffic app, but soon traffic started slowing down and the arrival time started advancing.

We soon found out why as there had been an accident and a mini-van was on fire on the shoulder. There was a large plume of smoke and a lot of flames.

Bundy, Reptile, eyes, pets

The traffic cleared after the accident and we soon arrived at our destination. I thanked my student and headed inside out of the cold.

It was good to see my friends again after the long days in the office.

I have been trying to get some pictures of their pet Bundy and this time I got a few nice ones. Bundy was basking in the light while perched on a rock in the cage. I have seen Bundy grow quite a bit over the years.

Good Food, Home Cooked Meal, Pot StickersWe enjoyed a great meal along with another of their friends who was visiting from out of town.

It was nice to get a delicious home cooked meal while on the road.

After eating we settled in with some hot tea and some after dinner conversation.

Their friend had also been in a class in Toronto this week, but as a student instead of a teacher. I really enjoyed listening to them talk as they had known each other for many years. I got to hear some interesting stories about my friend 🙂

Now for some rest before the long flight home tomorrow.


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