Spring on the Way?

Last week it looked like Spring was on the way here in California.

This week it has cooled down and it is not as springlike, and it feels like winter with all the snow and ice on TV with the Olympics.

But, I will share a few pictures that I took during the nice weather.

Tulip Tree, Zanuzi Park, Tracy, California, GazeboLast week when I took a few days off I took some nice long walks. I usually walk by the tulip trees at the neighborhood park after dark so hadn’t notice that they were starting to bloom. Here is a nice shot of the tulip tree with the gazebo in the background.

Tulip Tree, Spring, CaliforniaThe next day the buds were all starting to open. As I have been driving by them since I have watched the trees become more and more colorful as more buds open.

White Flowers, SpringFlowers are starting to pop up all over the place. Here are some nice little white and yellow blooms at the orchard.

Almond Blossoms, Spring, California, OrchardsThe almond orchards are starting to bloom and in some places you look out onto orchards that look like fields of snow as you drive down I-5.

Spring Bud, Trees, spring, Orchard, CaliforniaThe little buds can be so beautiful, but they are not doing my allergies any good. I had a headache after spending time in the orchards on Sunday, but am feeling better now.

I am ready for spring, but am also ready for a little bit more winter the first part of next month when I go to Canada.


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2 Responses to Spring on the Way?

  1. Spring is the most magical time on earth. How everything new fascinates and evokes hope and love for nature. Beautiful picture ❤

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