Remembering Tarragon

You may remember some of the posts that I have made about my little friend Tarragon. See: Tarragon the Cat

Cat - Barn Cat - Feline - Tarragon - Pretty CatSince I travel so much I am unable to have pets of my own. However, I have a few friends with pets and always enjoy spending time with them. Tarragon has been my favorite for quite some time as I spend a lot of time at the orchard where he lived.

Tarrago the Cat, Orchard, Orchard in Winter, Nesting BoxTarragon would follow me around when I would go for a walk through the orchard. See: A Walk with Tarragon

This picture is from three years ago. The trees are now much larger.

Tarragon, Cat, Barn Cat, Afternoon WalkTarragon was about 15 years old at the time I took this picture and still got around pretty good. For the past year he really slowed down and spent a lot of time resting in the sun or shade depending on the time of year.

Cat - Feline - Cat Eyes - Tarragon the Cat - KittyToday was a sad day as I helped my friend David lay Tarragon to rest as he had died in his sleep yesterday.

Tarragon, Resting place, pet burial, Barn Cat, Grove of treesWe buried Tarragon among a grove of trees. It is a nice quiet place for a final resting place.

I am glad that I have many good memories of Tarragon. He was such a nice friendly cat and I will really miss him.


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