Chocolate Covered Strawberry CupCakes II

This year Hostess has again released a limited edition of Chocolate Covered Strawberry CupCakes.

Chocolate Covered, Strawberry, CupCakes, HostessThere are some differences in the package art. The colors are a bit darker and a few things have moved around.

Chocolate Covered, Strawberry, CupCakes, HostessThe chocolate is about the same as it was last time, but the cake seems a bit darker.

Here you see the individually wrapped cakes.

Chocolate Covered, Strawberry, CupCakes, HostessOne interesting thing is that the piping of the squiggle is narrower and more defined than in the past.

Chocolate Covered, Strawberry, CupCakes, HostessOf course the important thing is how does it taste. I had liked the one before and it was my favorite of the three different Valentine’s Day offerings that year. So far this year this has been the only one I have seen.

Chocolate Covered, Strawberry, CupCakes, HostessI took a big bite and it definitely tasted good. The cake is denser than most of the Hostess CupCakes and also a bit smaller. They must make it a bit smaller to keep the calories the same. There is definitely a nice strawberry flavor to the cake but I would rather have a less dense cake.

I don’t see the special edition Hostess CupCakes as often as before, but this is mainly because I no longer shop at a grocery store that carries as wide of a selection of Hostess products. I usually only find them during rare trips to Wal-Mart, which has a unique distribution agreement with Hostess.

Happy Valentine’s Day later this month 🙂



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