My Big Sister

I am thinking of my big sister tonight, so here are some of my memories.

Siblings on trike, tricycle, big sister, floppy red hatI love this picture of my sister and I riding a trike. You can find more trike pictures in my post Trikes and Wagons.

Hello from snowy Iowa - Child in Snow - Little girl in snow - red scarf and mittens - playing in snowWintertime is making me think of this picture of her playing in the snow when we lived in Ottumwa, Iowa. See Snow Memories for more pictures of her in the snow.

Cooking, Baking, Mixer Beater, KitchenMy big sister always liked Licking the Beaters when my Mom would make a cake or cookies.

Kids with Uncle, Family, Photo Booth, Throwback ThursdayI have been thinking of this picture this month as we are with our uncle who got married earlier this month. A great photo booth picture. We both had great big smiles 🙂

Back to School Picture, Sister and Brother, First Day of SchoolHere we are ready for a First Day of School Picture. I won’t post the embarrassing one this time. You will have to click on the link above to see it.

Piano Recital, all dressed up, big sister, pre-recital pictureThe same steps are a backdrop for us all dressed up for a piano recital. See Ready for Recital for other pre-recital pictures.

Cape Horn, Argentina, Antarctic Cruise, Cruise Ship, Cold WeatherI guess I should provide a more contemporary picture. Here we are together at Cape Horn during our cruise to Antarctica eight years ago to celebrate my masters degree.

We have some great memories and I am definitely thinking about her as she gets ready to celebrate a special day.


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3 Responses to My Big Sister

  1. Mel Pete says:

    Have to LOVE the old photos!

  2. Maggi Fagen says:

    Fun post, Steve! So glad your parents have pictures of your childhood!

  3. Sherry Hamilton says:

    Love seeing you and your sister!!

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