Wednesday Wanderings IX – Blue Moon

Today we had a Blue Moon along with a Super Moon and a Lunar Eclipse. A lot of lunar madness was going on. So this evening I will share a few wandering thoughts about the eclipse and add in a few other things.

Blood Red Moon, Super Moon, Blue Moon, EclipseI decided to get up and take a look at the eclipse so set my alarm for 4:00am. Way too early for me, but I did. When I first went out the eclipse was just beginning and there was a small bite missing from the moon. I took only a quick look and then made my way back to bed to wait for a 5:00am alarm to see the total eclipse.

I did not make an attempt to take good pictures of the eclipse as I knew I would be barely awake. However, I did get the picture above which shows the nice blood red moon.

Blood Red Moon, Eclipse, tripod, Sony, ZeissHere is a picture of a Blood Red Moon that I took back in 2014.

Blue Agave, Chicken Enchilada, Beans, Rice, PleasantonYesterday I went to a wonderful lunch that celebrated the retirement of a colleague who had worked for the company for 42 years. We all shared some wonderful memories. I brought some items from the early days of the company to illustrate some of the stories.

We also had some wonderful food at Blue Agave in Pleasanton. My chicken enchiladas were delicious.

It was a dark and stormy night, Opening lines, peanutsYesterday I wrote a blog post titled It Was a Dark and Stormy Night. It was about the first line of a novel written in 1830. This morning I looked again at the last line of the novel and found that it is also very significant and have started some research on a follow-up post. You will just have to wait to see what it is about 🙂

Pulled Pork, Dickeys BBQ, Westley, CA, Food, UnimpressedTonight on my way to Patterson I pulled off at the Westley exit for dinner. I had been wanting to try a BBQ place there as I have been tempted many times by the signs on I-5.

I will not be tempted again. I was not impressed with the food or service. Only one person was working when I arrived and as I stood in line I started to realize that I had made a mistake in my choice. I watched him work in the open kitchen as he opened pre-made side dishes. They were either served cold or heated by immersing large plastic pouches in hot water.

I ordered a Pulled Pork sandwich without sides after watching how the sides were prepared. The meat is all smoked on-site each day, so I knew that it would be fresh. However, I was not impressed by the taste and certainly not the quantity. For the price I paid I expected something with about twice the amount of meat. The sandwich looks small in the picture above and it was.

I had heard many good reviews of this chain, which claims to be the largest BBQ chain, so was really disappointed. Maybe this is why they closed two other locations near me.


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