Trikes and Wagons

Do you remember riding your trike when you were a kid?

Do you remember your little red wagon?

Tonight I will share a few images of Trikes and Wagons.

Girl on Trike, Sister's Trike, Tricycle, Little red trikeI will start with a picture of my big sister rider her trike in the driveway. I really like the contrast of the little red tricycle with the white dress.

She is so cute with her little pony tail.

This may have been one of her first times outside on the trike. You can tell it is spring as in the background you can see a snow shovel still leaning against the retaining wall. I just noticed the snow shovel and it is bringing back memories. I think we still had the same one years later. It was all beat up then, but I remember shoveling with it.

Reading on Tricycle, Reading, Trike, Large TricycleSince I shared a picture of my sister on a trike I have to share one of myself. We had a large trike that I really liked to ride. The handle bars were just perfect for resting a book on. I read lots of books while riding my trike up and down the sidewalks.

The picture is black and white, but I can tell you what time of year it is. Can you see the carefully pruned rose bushes, it must be early spring.

Siblings on trike, tricycle, big sister, floppy red hatTo round out the tricycle pictures, here my sister and I are riding the trike.

Doesn’t she look really cute in the floppy red hat. From the smile on our faces, we were having a lot of fun.

Trikes and Wagons, Red Wagons, Sutter, California, Sutter Post OfficeI really like this picture. The pictures above were all taken in Ottumwa, Iowa, but this one was taken in Sutter, California at my Grandma’s house. We had taken the train out to California for my Aunt’s wedding.

Here we have a train of trikes and wagons. I am in the last wagon and my older sister is on the trike that is pulling the train of wagons.

Little Red Wagon, Birthday present, Old Truck, Memories, BowtieSince I am thinking of wagons I cannot leave out this picture. Here I am in my little red Radio Jet wagon. Don’t I look dapper in my suspenders and bow-tie?

I shared this picture before. This one is back in Ottumwa again. You can read more about this picture and see another picture of me with a wagon in my post: 4th of July Memory Chains

Did you have a little red trike or little red wagon?



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4 Responses to Trikes and Wagons

  1. Uncle Spike says:

    I used to have a red trike too 🙂 Forgot about that…

  2. Sherry Hamilton says:

    I enjoyed your story and pictures!

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