Snow Memories

All the posts I see on Facebook about cold weather and snow have me thinking of the winters we had when I was growing up in Iowa. We always seemed to have a lot of snow, but for a little guy a little snow can be remembered as a lot.

I tried to find pictures of myself playing in the snow and couldn’t find any. However, I found some great ones of my older sister, so she is the star of this post.Swingset in snow - Iowa Snow - Childhood Memories of Snow - Playing in the snow - SwingsetI really like this picture. My Mom titled this picture “There is snow on my swing set – I want to swing”.

My sister was about three years old when this picture. She looks so cute standing there trying to figure out why she can’t swing.

Hello from snowy Iowa - Child in Snow - Little girl in snow - red scarf and mittens - playing in snow This picture was taken the same day and was sent to our Grandparents who lived in California – It was titled “Hello from snowy Iowa to sunny California”.

My sister looks so cute with her red scarf and mittens.

Snow man - Little Girl - Winter time - Playing in Snow - Cold Weather Fun

Of course, a nice snow also means that it is time to build a snowman. Here is my sister with a snowman that she helped build.

Maybe we should call it a snowgirl instead. The nice headscarf really gives it a feminine look.

I also really like the red mitten that looks like it is hanging in mid-air.

Sister in Snow - 9 inch snow fall - Fun in the Cold - Winter sceneThis is one of my favorite pictures of my sister. Here she is standing in the snow in front of our house. We got nine inches of snow in this snowstorm.

Luckily our school was only a few blocks away at that time. We didn’t have too far to walk in the snow.

A couple years later we had to walk a bit further. In winter we had to walk to school unless the temperatures were below 10 degrees. Then we got to take the city bus.

I may have to take a better look to see if I can find some pictures of me in the snow. I am sure that some were taken.

What is your favorite snow memory?


Ankerstein - Anker Building - Anker Church - Blocks

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4 Responses to Snow Memories

  1. Glenda McDougal says:

    With sleet falling at this very moment, I don’t like snow at all …

  2. Sheryl says:

    I remember how hard we had to work to keep the lane open when it snowed so that the milk truck could get into our farm to pick up the milk.

  3. Boomdeeadda says:

    I love the colours in old photo’s. That’s a sweet porch on your house and a bay window too. We definitely get a lot more snow but it’s nice to have seasons to look forward to as kids. I’m way over it now 😀

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