Christmas Dinner

This afternoon I went to some friends to share a Christmas dinner. I have shared many holiday meals with my friends and always enjoy them. Especially as I have watched their boys grow up over the years. I have helped coach both of them in soccer and gone to many concerts and other activities.

Asparagus, potatoes, gravy, meal prepOf course a good dinner starts with the cooking and here Tina is plating up the fresh asparagus. You can also see potatoes and gravy on the stove.

Carving Turkey, Christmas DinnerMeanwhile Kevin is carving the turkey. I am actually helping out a bit and not just taking pictures. I held the platter for him 🙂

Christmas Feast, Dinner, Holiday Dinner, ChristmasHere the table is set and food has been arranged. We also had some nice sparkling grape and apple juice with the meal.

Plate of food, Christmas feast, A little green, comfort foodI was a bit focused on the mashed potatoes and stuffing in this picture. However, it was a nice plate of food and even had a little bit of green on the plate 🙂

Playing pool, Holiday fun, ChristmasI even played a couple games of pool. I haven’t held a pool cue for years, but at least made a few good shots. I beat my friend Gordon, but then Kevin beat me. I almost lost right away by pocketing the eight ball, and for most of the game it was teetering on the edge of the pocket as seen above.

Christmas Football, Raiders and Eagles, Braman Football, Bryan BramanWe also watched Monday Night Football with Oakland playing against Philadelphia. I am not a big Raider fan, but the Eagles have an interesting player. His name is Bryan Braman. He is not closely related, but our Braman ancestors did live close to each other back in the mid 1700’s. Perhaps there is a connection.

After the game I headed home and took a seven mile walk. I needed to burn off a few calories.

Merry Christmas.


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