Virtual Hike Update

My progress has been much slower in this segment of my Virtual Hike. This is mainly because I have been traveling, but also because recording is not as accurate without an internet connection while out walking in another country.

Since it has been awhile since my Virtual Hike to Pioche post I thought I would give an update.

Pioche, Nevada, Escalante Utah, Virtual HikeMy ambitious goal was to make it to Escalante, Utah by the end of October. This will most likely not happen as I have been averaging less than 4 miles a day.

parowan Utah, Pioche Nevada, Virtual HikeAfter my walk tonight I have covered about 105 miles since Pioche. This puts me at Parowan, Utah. I still have a little more than 80 miles to Escalante.

Parawon Utah, Virtual HikeHere is a view from Google Street View of Parowon. You can see some hills in the distance, but it is mainly flat. The Virtual Hike will soon take me into the hills as I head out toward canyon country.

Flat Lands, Telephone Poles, Utah PlainsI thought that an interesting comparison would be to show where I was on my Virtual Hike vs. where I was actually walking on a given day. The picture above from Google Street View is from where I was on my Virtual Hike on October 4th.

Walk to Work, Jena, Germany, Fall ColorHere is where I actually was on October 4th. This is from my walk to work in Jena, Germany. See my post Walking to Work for more pictures.

There is such a contrast between the two places. Wide open plains in one picture and a beautiful fall scene in the other.

I will be going back to the beautiful fall scenes of Jena again next week. I will hopefully get a bit more walking in next week.

When will I make it to Escalante? Stay tuned.


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