Halloween Twinkies

This weekend I bought some Halloween Twinkies.

Chocolate Twinkies, Halloween Twinkies, S'Cream Filling, HostessHostess has released a limited edition of Chocolate Cake Twinkies with S’Cream filling.

Chocolate Cake Twinkies, Chocolate Twinkies, S'Cream FillingI like the design of the box with the bats and the foreboding background.

Twinkies, Chocolate, Halloween, Cream FillingIt is interesting to see dark colored Twinkies, it just doesn’t look quite right.

Cake Twinkies, Chocolate, Hostess, HalloweenHere we see one of the Twinkies with the box. It is a bit darker than the picture on the box.

Chocolate Cake Twinkies, Hostess snack cakes, cream fillingThese Twinkies seemed a bit darker than the ones I had earlier this year. These also are dense, and cake Twinkies is definitely a good description as they have the texture of a cake.

They do have a nice rich chocolate taste to them. This one made a nice snack after about a three mile walk earlier this evening.

Have you tasted these new Twinkies?


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1 Response to Halloween Twinkies

  1. Maggi Fagen says:

    No, I haven’t tasted them. I resisted the temptation because I imagine they tasted like Ding Dongs and I like Ding Dongs. I knew I would eat more than I should and I did not go on a 3 mile walk to earn one!! I may or may not continue to resist them.

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