Walking to Work

One of the nice things about visiting some of our offices around the world is that I get to walk to work.

This time of year in Germany, I get a colorful walk.

Walk to Work, Jena, Germany, Fall ColorHere is the leaf strewn path that I follow to get to work.

jena, germany, walk to work

In this section I am headed down hill. This section is nice on the way to work, but not as nice on the way back to the hotel.

Red leaves, Trees, Germany, Fall, Autumn

Across the street from our office is a long line of colorful trees. They are a bit darker in color this year. Last year they were more of a yellow color.

Yellow Leaves, Fall Color, Jena, GermanyHere is a closeup of the colorful leaves on the trees. You can still see a bit of green.

Red Leaf, scattered leaves, fall color

Of course the fallen leaves are also very pretty. I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this red leaf. It is nicely contrasted against the painted white line of the parking lot.

Now for some sleep. All the walking today has tired me out.


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3 Responses to Walking to Work

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  3. Wow that’s seriously amazing 👌

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