Mowing Before Dark

Last night when I got home from work I went out to mow my yard. I needed to get it mowed so that I could spend today finalizing my packing for my trip.

However, with the lengthening days it is getting darker quicker. I had to hurry to get some things done.

Mister Lincoln Rose, Yard WorkHere you can see a bloom on my Mr. Lincoln rose bush that is lit by the late afternoon sun. The rose bush is recovering from the long hot summer and has a lot of blooms coming on now.

Mowing, edging, yard workLuckily, I don’t have a large yard that takes hours to mow. I was able to even get some edging done.

Mowing, Mowing toward dark, dark mowingIt was getting darker as I mowed the back yard, but not too dark.

Sidewalk sweeping, yard work, late evening yard workIt was getting darker as I got the driveway and sidewalk swept off.

Roses, Red Roses, yard workHere is another picture of the Mr. Lincoln rose bush. This was before I started pruning. I did not get all the pruning done as it got too dark. However, I got the worst part of it finished.

Now to see what it all looks like when I get back home from my trip 🙂



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