A Walk to the Hotel

This evening I walked back to the hotel from the office. It was nice to have cool weather to walk in. It did take a bit longer to walk back than it should have as it was a scenic walk which meant the camera was out of the pocket and being put to use.

Cambridge Trail, Coldham Road, Walk, trailHere is the entrance to the walkway across from the office. The stacked birds on this concrete pillar were interesting.

White berries, seed pods, walk, natureThese leaves with the little white berries caught my eye and I just had to take a shot of them.

Cambridge, Walk, Berries, Nature

There were a lot of berries to look at. They were so tempting, but I let them be.

Purple Leaves, nature, walkThese purple and green leaves were really cool.

Walk from work, Cambridge, Spider

You need to look close at this picture and see the details. Look at the different items that are caught in this spider web. Also, it looks like the spider is missing a leg.

I will have to check and see if it is in the same place tomorrow. I would like to get a better picture of the spider.


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