Getting Ready for the Eclipse

The big eclipse is almost here. On Monday people will be looking skyward., Missouri, eclipse, path of totalityMost of my immediate family will be experiencing a total eclipse since they live in the totality zone. My only sibling that does not live in the totality zone lives only a few miles outside of it.  Where I lived in Missouri was also in the zone.

Eclipse Viewing, Sun Projection, Aperture Size, PinholeIf I was not teaching next week I would have flown to see my family and experience the eclipse. However, my students and I can still see a partial eclipse and we plan to spend our morning break observing the eclipse with a spot projected from a pin hole.

Projected Sun, Eclipse, Pinhole projection, Solar Eclipse, Partial Solar EclipseThis eclipse brings back memories of watching a partial eclipse back in 80’s by observing little moons projected onto the kitchen floor through the small holes of a lacy curtain.

I also remember the eclipse of February 26, 1979. Our entire class walked to the home of our teacher to watch the coverage on TV. Where we were there was only about 50% coverage.

Thinking about the 1979 eclipse reminds me of the importance of eye safety during this event. I have heard several stories about people with eye damage from that event. Make sure you know how to protect your eyes if you are going to look toward the sun on Monday.

Partial Solar Eclipse, Picture of Eclipse, Solar Eclipse, Dark FilterI am also going to use a filter that I have to take a few pictures during the eclipse. I will have to remember to take my tripod with me on Monday. I will use the screen on my phone to position the camera to be extra safe. The picture above is one that I took during a partial solar eclipse a couple years ago with the same filter.

Blood Red Moon, Eclipse, tripod, Sony, ZeissSolar eclipses can be very dramatic, but I like a nice safe Lunar eclipse. I can look all I want 🙂

Luna eclipses can also be very dramatic depending on where and when they take place.

Did you know that Columbus used the knowledge of when a Lunar eclipse was going to take place to his advantage? See: Columbus and the Eclipse

Will you get to experience the eclipse?


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3 Responses to Getting Ready for the Eclipse

  1. We’re going to a B&B in Black Mountain, N. C.

  2. Debbie Faling says:

    I will be at work but the total eclipse will be during my lunchbreak so I’ll get to see part of it 🙂

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