Walking under a Full Moon

Tonight while I was out walking I would often look up into the sky at the full moon.

Full Moon, 1/320 Exposure, Camera Practice, Night SkyThe sky was so clear and the moon shone brightly with the reflected sun.

Of course I couldn’t quite see this amount of detail while walking, but this is a picture that I took with my camera a couple years ago.

Full Moon, Lachish, Israel, Archaeological DigWhile walking I thought of pictures that I have taken of the full moon. This one was taken at Lachish where we were digging in Israel. See: Full Moon over Lachish

Blood Red Moon, Eclipse, tripod, Sony, ZeissOf course I have taken a few pictures of the full moon during lunar eclipses.

I used this picture in my post The Blood Red Moon II.

Full Moon, Silhouette, Power Lines, Winter EveningHere is another full moon picture that I like. It was used in my post Sundown.

Barn and Moon, Country Scene, Red Barn, BarnOne more picture to make five. I took this picture just a month ago near the time of the last full moon. Of course there was a little cropping involved, but I like the half sky/half barn and the opposing moon and window in this picture.

See my post: Summer Evening at the Barn

Which moon picture did you like best?




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