Summer Evening at the Barn

This evening we had Bible study at the barn. Although it was a bit warm there was a nice breeze that kept things cool.

We had a group of kids from Tennessee visiting so had a good group of voices for our singing.

After our study I took a few pictures as it was such a beautiful evening.

Barn and Moon, Country Scene, Red Barn, BarnThe moon was not quite full, but looked pretty cool up above the roof of the barn.

Cut apricots, dried apricots, drying fruitSome of the kids had helped prepare apricots for drying earlier in the day and the trays were full of beautiful fruit.

Apricots, Orange apricots, drying fruit, orchardHere is a view with more of the trays. The trees in the background are not apricot trees. They are walnut trees.

For more about the process of creating dried apricots visit my post Drying Apricots.

Tarragon, Cat, whiskers, barn cat, farm catI also snapped a nice picture of my friend Tarragon. See: Tarragon the Cat

Red Barn, Moon, Country, Sunset PicturesI saved my favorite picture for last. I really like this picture that I took as the sun was setting. The colorful sunset and the red of the barn along with the blue sky and moon is an interesting contrast.

It was truly a beautiful summer evening.


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