Full Moon over Lachish

To start the week there was a full moon over Lachish. We started our excavation on Sunday afternoon which meant that we worked until sunset. This gave me a good opportunity to get some pictures of the full moon.

Full Moon, Lachish, Israel, Archaeological DigThe picture of the moon is not the best, but it was taken with only my small handheld camera. You can see that the moon was nice and full.Shephelah, lachish, Judean hills, sundown, archaeological dig

In this picture you can see the full moon high above the landscape looking east from the tel.

In the foreground  you see the low-lying hills of The Shephelah, and in the background the Judean hills.

Shephelah, Lachish, Judean Hills, Archaeological DigHere you can better see the rocky hills of the area.

Shephelah, Lachish, Archaeological Dig, Full MoonThe sun was going down as we walked down the tel toward the bus. We knew that we would be back after a dinner and a short night of sleep.

In the picture above I really like the silhouettes, which you will also see in the next picture.

Moon setting, Lachish, Tel Lachish, Archaeology, DigOn Monday morning as we returned to the tel the moon was setting over the remains of the fortress on top of the tel at Lachish.

A full moon is always beautiful, but this was a special one since it occurred at the same time as the solstice. Since it was the summer solstice it meant that we only had a short night between our work sessions at the dig.

If you want to see some of the finds from Lachish visit Luke’s blog at: Bible, Archaeology, Travel with Luke Chandler


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