Mowing on a Hot Summer Evening

Today has been another hot summer day with temps again in the triple digits (>38).

Need to mow, hot day, 100 degree heatBut, I really needed to mow my yard. The grass was getting long and volunteer trees were popping up all over the place.

Need to mow, back yard, hot summer, volunteer treesMy backyard was just as bad. You can see the row of volunteer trees. They follow the line of one of the roots from a tree. You can also see my cat ravaged agapanthus in the corner of the yard. My backyard is the hunting grounds for one of the neighborhood cats and a mouse had made a home in the agapanthus. I saw evidence this evening that at least one mouse has been caught. See: Agapanthus Mystery

Front lawn, front yard, mowing, hot mowingI waited as long as I could and finally just had to get out there and mow. The temperatures were still in the 90’s (>32) but there was at least a breeze blowing making it feel a bit cooler. Especially with the evaporation from the sweat that I soon worked up.

Here you can see that the grass in the front yard is at least shorter.

back yard, mowing in the heat, green grassThe back yard looks better also and at least most of the grass is green. I also distributed a bit of grass seed to see if I can fill in some of the gaps.

About the time I was finishing there was an interesting change in the color of the ambient light and I looked skyward.

clouds, back set, sunsetThe sky was aglow with beautiful reflections of the setting sun on the clouds in the sky. I had not noticed the clouds before. This is looking to the east.

Back set, sunset, clouds reflecting sun, looking eastwardThis picture is also looking to the east. I looked to the west toward the setting sun and there was basically no color as there were no clouds in that direction. I like to call this a backset. Maybe reverse sunset would be another term to use.

If I would have been back in Kansas or Missouri I would have perhaps worried about rain, but I knew that there was no chance here in California.

I then rewarded myself with a nice Loose Meat Sandwich.

Later I went out for a walk, but by that time the breeze had gone away. The temperature was still in the upper 80’s (30+) so the walk was a bit hot. The only way to get a breeze was to walk fast 🙂

Tomorrow will be another hot day with an upwardly revised forecast of 106 degrees (41).

Luckily I will be inside for most of the day.


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