Agapanthus Mystery

When I got home from Israel last Saturday I went into my back yard to see how my Agapanthus blooms looked. I knew that the blooms would be fully open as they were just starting to open before I left on the trip.

Agapanthus bloom, Blue Agapanthus, back yard, flowersThis one is not fully open, but you can see the different stages of the opening of the flowers.

Agapanthus blooms, canes, agapanthus, summerI had a bunch of beautiful blooms that were standing tall. It was really pretty.

Agapanthus, canes, bent canes, flowersHowever by the end of the weeks six of the scapes were bent over and some were even touching the ground. We did have a week of 100 degree weather, but it didn’t seem that heat was the reason that the scapes were bent. The blooms themselves were not withering.

One of the possible solutions to the mystery was that something was bending the scapes.Kedma Village, White Cat, Israel, Two Color of EyesThis evening I was getting ready to open a window and glanced out into the back yard before opening it. I then notice what was bending the scapes. There was a cat sitting very attentively staring into the agapanthus. I didn’t have my camera or I would have taken a picture. Instead, I will just post a picture of a cat that I used in my Dogs and Cats post.

I watched the cat for awhile to see what it was going to do. It then crept across the ground to another position and continued to peer into the plant before crawling under the leaves of the plant. I am sure that it was hunting a mouse. A few minutes later the automatic sprinklers came on and the cat was up on the fence in a flash. The cat must be entering my yard from the top of the fence above the agapanthus and in the process bending the scapes.

So, mystery solved. However, there is no way to unbend the scapes. They will continue to droop to the ground.


p.s. For more about agapanthus visit my post Agapanthus IV



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