Looking into Syria II

A couple weeks ago while in Israel we visited an observation point near Merom Golan in the Golan Heights. From the observation point we could look into Syria.

I was also in this general area during my first trip to Israel in 2012. See my post: Looking into Syria

Golan Heights, Google Maps, Israel, SyriaMerom Golan is very near the border with Syria. In this snag from Google Maps you really don’t need the dotted line to see the border. You can see the land that is under cultivation on the Israel side of the border.

Bunker, Syria, Israel, Syrian OverlookHere is an example. See all the green fields? These are on the Israel side of the border. Just beyond the fields is Syria.

Merom Golan, Israel, Syria, Al Qunaitra, DMZI have marked the overlook with a red circle. It is only a little more than a mile from the ruined city of Al Qunaitra in Syria. This area of the Golan Heights was closed down today as errant mortar fire from the Syrian conflict was landing on the Israel side of the border for the past two days. Highway 98 was also shut down and civilians were warned to stay out of this area.

israel, syria, bunker, overlook, border conflictAt the lookout we were able to walk though some of the old bunkers that were used during past conflicts in the Golan Heights.

bunkers, syria, Israel, Golan HeightsHere is a view out of one of the lookout posts. A beautiful view, but not so nice if the enemy is coming your way.

Trenches, Lookout, Gorem Golan, Syrian ConflictHere are trenches that are also part of the defense system on top of the lookout point.

Golan Heights, Syria, Israel, Syrian Conflict, UN ObserversLooking north from the lookout you can see Mount Hermon where Lebanon, Syria and Israel all come together.

When we were there you could hear some very distant rumbles, but I am sure today you would hear things much clearer. It was most likely a very tense day at the lookout, especially for the team of UN observers who have an observation post there.

I am glad that we were not there today.


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2 Responses to Looking into Syria II

  1. RyanC says:

    incredible – I’ve always wanted to visit Israel, the history and culture there has always intrigued me!
    Thank you for sharing this piece, really insightful!

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