Dig Watch

Every summer I look forward to hearing what is happening at different archaeological digs in Israel.

Lachish, Tel Lachish, Late Bronze Canaanite Temple, Archaeology, InscriptionFor the last two summers I dug at Lachish so I will be watching for news from my friends who will be digging there this year.

I will not be digging this year, but will be in Israel for a tour during the next two weeks.

We do plan on visiting Lachish on Friday this week. Unfortunately, the dig will not have started yet, but we will be able to see some of what was done after we left last year.

Gates of Gath, Goliath, Tel es-Safi, Aren Maeir, Excavations, ArchaeologyWe will also be visiting Gath and it will be interesting to see what more was uncovered in the Gate area. See: Goliath of Gath

The excavations at Tell es-Safi/Gath do not start until July, but I will be getting notifications once they start.

Hazor, Tel Hazor, Israel, Archaeology, Solomonic Gates, ArchaeologyWe will be visiting Hazor next week and I will be able to see how much more has been uncovered in the last two years. I took this picture two years ago when touring Israel with Royce and Luke Chandler after our dig at Lachish. The area where they have been digging is in the area between the upper and lower city.

The Hazor dig this year does not start until June 18, but again I will be watching for news.

Temple Stairs, Jerusalem, Trent and Rebekah Dutton, MemoriesMy friend Rebekah will be digging at Tel Shimron which is near Mt. Carmel and Megiddo. We will be passing close to the site, but the dig does not start until after we have visited the area. I will hopefully get some updates throughout the summer.

Legio Excavations, Roman Military Camp, Legio VI FerrataAnother dig I will be watching is the Legio Excavations by the Jezreel Valley Regional Project. We visited the site two years ago and it was very interesting to find out more about how a Roman Legion camp was set up.

Abel Beth-Maacah, Joab, Abel, Sheba, Archaeology, Dig SiteAbel Beth Maacah is another archaeological site that I have followed for several years. During my first trip to Israel four years ago we stopped on the road below the tel and talked about the significance of the city. At that time there was no active dig at the site. During my second trip to Israel two years ago we were able to visit the new dig site. They are finding a lot of interesting things as this site since it was a border city.

There are many more sites that I watch, but I will save some of these for later. You can also visit two of my previous posts about digs I follow at Excavation Time and Dig Season.

Later this week I will be flying to Israel so check back for posts about the trip.




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