Outdoors Indoors

Today I have been getting ready for my trip to Israel.

One of the things I needed was a new hat. The broadbrim hat that I have been using for the past two years was a bit worn and floppy.

So, I decided to head to Bass Pro Shops in Manteca.

California Bass Pro Shops, Manteca, Outdoor WorldI like the entrance to the Outdoor World. What is even more impressive is the view when you first enter the store. Instead of posting it here I will refer you to my post Indoor Outdoors to see a picture of the wall in the foyer. It is the last picture in the post.

California Bass Pro Shops, Manteca, Outdoor WorldOne of the things that I like to see when I go to Bass Pro is the fish tank. They always have a large tank, but I haven’t seen one yet that is as large as the one at the original store.

I have been visiting Bass Pro Shops since they only had one location in Springfield, Missouri.

California Bass Pro Shops, Manteca, Outdoor WorldI always enjoy looking at the nature displays at the stores. This one really makes you feel like you are in the mountains of California. The waterfalls cascade down into the fish tank, and you walk back behind them as you walk up the stairs to the second level.

There is a great view from the top of the path, and you can see a picture from there in my post California Bass Pro Shops.

California Bass Pro Shops, Manteca, Outdoor WorldHere we have a Grizzly Bear which is the California state animal. Hmm, makes me think of a story about my Grandpa and a Grizzly. However, I will save that for later.

California Bass Pro Shops, Manteca, Outdoor WorldI also like to visit the fly fishing section of the store. They always have some pretty neat displays and it is cool to look at all the intricate lures.

I found a hat and also bought a couple shirts for the trip. I then went and visited a used book store and bought some books in a couple series that I am collecting.

Then it was home for some yard work, but that is another story.

Back to packing.



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