Dig Season

Dig season has begun in Israel and I have been following news from several of the sites.

I am pretty much following the same sites as I did last year when I wrote: Excavation Time

However, there is one new site that I am really interested in.

Tell Lachish - Ferrell Jenkins - Israel - Archaeology - Dig SeasonIn the previous post I had mentioned that Luke Chandler would be digging at a new location. The location has changed since that time and he is digging this year at Tel Lachish.

The Fourth Expedition to Lachish is under the direction of Garfinkel, Hasel, and Klingbeil.

I had looked into the possibility of going on the dig, but had to make a decision on whether to go to Turkey or go on the dig. The trips were too close together to do both. As you know, I chose to go to Turkey.

Wayne at Hattusha, Hittite Capital, ArchaeologyWayne, who was my roommate on the trip to Turkey, is on the Lachish dig with Luke Chandler. Here is is taking a picture at Hattusha, the Hittite Capital.

I really enjoyed talking about the upcoming dig with Wayne while we were on the trip. I joked that he would do all the prep work this year and then I would make a big discovery next year.

This dig season I will be following the dig on Facebook and through Luke’s Blog: Bible, Archaeology, Travel with Luke Chandler

I have already seen some great pictures of the dig in progress.

Fossil Hunting, Clark County, Kansas, Cretaceous (Kiowa shales)Thinking of the dig made me think of hunting for fossils in the Lower Cretaceous fossil beds of Clark County, Kansas. We didn’t find anything big, but it was fun to look around. In the picture above I am the one holding the shovel.

Hopefully next summer I will be going on a dig. My first choice will be Tel Lachish, but I may also look into the dig at Ashkelon.



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  1. Glenda McDougal says:

    Interesting life you lead.

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