Now He Belongs to the Ages

The words “Now He Belongs to the Ages” were spoken 152 years ago by Edwin Stanton.

Abraham Lincoln - School Room - He, Belongs to the AgesThere is some question as to the exact words that Secretary of War Stanton uttered, but the alternates are very similar.

The words were spoken just after the death of President Lincoln on April 15, 1865.

Alexander Gardner, President Lincoln, Last Portrait?, Lincoln AssassinationHere is a photo that was taken just four days before Lincon was shot on April 14 at Ford’s Theatre while watching a performance of Our American Cousin.

President Lincoln slipped into a coma shortly after being shot and passed away the following morning on April 15 at 7:22am. It was then that Stanton uttered his now famous words.

Unfortunately today April 15 is remembered for something else.

Frank Andrea Miller - Easier Taxes - Editorial Cartoon - Cartoonist - Frank Miller - Des Moines RegisterHowever, we can use this as a memory aid and remember that the sad day of taxes being due was also a sad day for American when President Lincoln passed away.

Presidents Washington and Lincoln - Presidents' Day - Marx Presidential FigurinesPresident Lincoln is one of my favorite presidents and the Marx figurine that I have of him stands on top of my computer along with President Washington.

President Lincoln was also a favorite of my Grandma and she saved many articles and image of him in her scrapbooks. I also have a few books about President Lincoln, but some of them are still in my to read piles. Well maybe few is not the right word to use 🙂

Take some time this weekend to remember one of our greatest presidents.

He is truly on who “Belongs to the Ages.”



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