A Picture for Sunday

Are you looking for a good picture to post for Sunday?

How about a picture of a tomb with a rolling stone?

Rolling Stone Grave, Meggido, Matthew 28:6, YouVersionI created this picture using my Bible app a couple years ago, and you are welcome to use it this weekend.

Tomb with rolling stone, Megiddo, Israel, He has RissenI took these pictures during my first trip to Israel back in 2012. See my post Sea to Sea. These tombs were found while they were constructing the road.

Tombs, Google Maps, Street View, route 6953, IsraelThe tombs are along a route 6953 near Megiddo. Here is a view from Google Street View. At one time there was no guard rail along the road and it was easier to get pictures. However, that was before I visited Israel.

Tomb with rolling stone - Tomb in Israel - Ressurection - Easter SundayHowever, it is easy enough to crop the guard rail out and get a nice picture.

Route 6953, Megiddo, Tombs, Rolling StoneIn case you are going to Israel and want to find the tomb here is a Google map showing the location. You can see the route 6953 sign in the middle of the clip. The Cave icon marks the location of the tomb.

Google Maps, Tomb Location, Route 6953, Megiddo, Google MapsHere I have zoomed out a bit to show Megiddo and have marked the tombs with a red x at top center.

I also used a picture of the tomb in my post The Empty Tomb.

This Sunday remember The Empty Tomb, as we should each Sunday.



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