The Yard in Spring

After a few long trips it is nice to be back home so that I can enjoy my yard as it transitions to spring.

Spring Rose, Mr. Lincoln, First Rose, rose bushOf course spring means roses and here is the first rose on my rose bushes. This beautiful bloom is on my Mister Lincoln rose bush.

dandelions, spring yard work, spring time, puff ballsSpring also means dandelions and here is a nice bunch of them in my side yard along the fence.

back yard, volunteer rose bush, tall grass, spring time, time to mowMy back yard is a bit wild as I have not had time to mow for about three weeks. The grass is getting tall and I am sure that I will have a little trouble with the mowing.

You can barely see a rose bush growing in the middle of the grass. It was a volunteer rose bush and I need to transplant it to a better place in the yard.

Fortunately my front yard looks nice as my neighbor has mowed it the last two times he has mowed his own. It only takes a few more minutes. It is wonderful to have nice neighbors.

back yard tree, fenced back yard, green grass, tree trimmingHere is another view of my tiny back yard. You can see that I have a nice full yard of grass.

I also need to do a bit more trimming on my tree and will hopefully get some done on Saturday.

Spring Tree, new leaves,  spring time, back yard, tree and skyThe other tree in my backyard is not as tall, but I still need to do a bit of trimming on it as well. Some of the branches are doing a bit of crossing.

The new spring leaves look really nice with the sky as a background.

Looks like I have a lot of work this weekend 🙂



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