A Day of Travel

Today was a day of travel. I started the day at home in California and ended up in Florida.

I left home before sunup and arrived at the airport in Tampa well after sunset.

SFO Museum, One armed bandits, SFO - ORDI started the day by driving to SFO. While heading to my gate I took a picture of the SFO Museum display area in the domestic terminal.

The picture is a bit blurry,  but captures the mood. It was early morning and I was a little bleary eyed after a two hour drive in commute traffic.

To see a nice clear picture of the one armed bandits, click on Off to Missouri.

Chicago Airport, ORD, Layover, Long travel dayI am sure that many will recognize this airport. This is Chicago O’Hare International or ORD. Did you know that ORD comes from a combination of Orchard Field and Douglas. This came as a result of Douglas building a large plant near the little community of Orchard Place during World War II.

I tried to take a non-stop flight to Tampa, but as tickets were significantly higher I booked a connection through Chicago.

Tampa Airport, FloridaTampa has a nice looking airport. This was my first view as I arrived. I don’t even remember what it looked like the last time I came here about 25 years ago.

Kites, Tampa airport, terminal trainWhile waiting for the train to take me to baggage claim I took this picture of the sculpture Kites in Flight which was created by Lisa and Joe Vogt.

Rental Car, Tampa AirportAfter picking up my bag I then headed off to the rental car garage.

Then I had a 30-40 minute drive to Tarpon Springs to my hotel. It is much different driving another car, especially since the rental car does not have the power and acceleration that mine has. I also do not like driving at night in an area that I am not familiar with.

Now for some sleep as it is past my bedtime here but well before my bedtime at home. Morning will come early.


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