Off to Missouri

Today I flew to Kansas City and in the morning we are off to Central Missouri to go to a wedding on Sunday.

Ornamental plum, spring blossoms, springAs I left this morning I took a picture of the neighbors plum tree. Spring is starting to spring in California.

One Armed Bandits, Gambling, SFO, AirportAt the airport I always like to see the displays that the SFO Museum put together. Currently in the domestic terminal they have a display of gambling machines.

Here is why they have the name one armed bandits.

United Regional Jets, SFO to MCI, FlyingIt was nice to have only a short flight of 3 hours and 45 minutes, but that is a long flight on a regional jet. However, I was in row 1 so it was not too bad.

Sunset, Plane viewWe arrived at Kansas City as the sun was setting and I have a nice picture from the plane window.

Reflections, baggage claim, plane, baggage cartsWhile waiting for my bag at the baggage claim I took an interesting reflection picture.

Now for some  sleep.


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