Packing for Florida

Tonight I am packing for a trip to Florida.

Clifford the Big Red Suitecase, Packing Formula, How to Pack a SuitcaseThe Packing Formula has been solved and Clifford is currently almost packed. I am only going to be gone for five nights, so Clifford won’t be quite as heavy this trip. It means I can pack a few extra books 🙂

Washer, Laundry, Trip Prep, DryerI am just waiting for the last load of laundry to get through the washer and dryer and then I can finish packing.

Palomilla a la Plancha, Cuban Cuisine, Versailles, Plantains, Beans and RiceThe last time I went to Florida it was to Miami. While there I had a nice Cuban dinner. See: Dinner and Sunset in Miami

I am also remembering another post I wrote then. It was titled Internet MIA. I thought the title was clever as I was staying at a hotel by the airport and the internet was pretty much missing in action. Of course the airport code for Miama International is MIA. However, it is one of my least viewed posts. Probably because I only used one picture since the internet service was so horrible.

Jerusalem Walls, Ramparts WalkThis time I will be in a different part of Florida. I will be teaching for two days in a small city north of Tampa. Then on the weekend I will go to Temple Terrace and stay with my friend Luke and his family.

Dwarves, Hobbit, Archaeological Dig, Dig Team, Square SupervisorThis is bringing back good memories of my trips to Isreal with Luke the last two years and another one that is coming up in June. This year I will not be At the Dig, but will be just on a tour of the country along with a handful of friends.

I am also thinking of the last time I was in Tampa. It was about 25 years ago and was just an overnight trip to visit a cheese factory and fix a packaging machine.

Now to finish packing and get some sleep for the long trip tomorrow.





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