Once a Week, Go Greek!

Today I have been in Tarpon Springs, Florida which is the city with the highest percentage of Greek Americans in the US.

So, what was on my mind for dinner tonight? Of course, Greek food.

Greek Food, Tarpon Springs, Mr. Souvlaki

I had dinner at the Mr. Souvlaki Restaurant. Their logo is Once a Week, Go Greek! which is the title of my post.

This restaurant was recommended to me by my students.

Souvlaki, Shish Kabob, Greek Food, PitaI debated with myself on whether to have the Greek Chow Mein, but since I had a big lunch I decided to have a Greek sandwich and ordered the Souvlaki.

chicken Souvlaki, Tarpon Springs, Greek CuisineThe Souvlaki had nice large pieces of marinated chicken shish kabob.

tzatziki sauce, Chicken souvlaki, shish kabob, Greek Cuisine, The chicken was placed in a pita and covered with tomatoes, onions and tzatziki sauce.

A delicious dinner, but a bit messy to eat.

Greek Restaurant, Tarpon Springs, Greek Food

I may need to find a good Greek restaurant near me in California and take Mr. Souvlaki’s advice to Once a Week, Go Greek!


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1 Response to Once a Week, Go Greek!

  1. Darlene and I lived only a half hour from there for over twenty-five years; we enjoyed eating Greek food many times!

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