First Spring Pictures

This evening I will share the first pictures that I have taken this spring.

First Rose Bud, Spring Rose Bud, SpringThe first picture I took this morning was of a bud on my Mr. Lincoln rose bush.

You can see that it is just starting to open.

Mister Lincoln Rose, First Bud, Spring BudHere is another view from a slightly different angle. I was hoping it would open for the first day of spring.

Mister Lincoln Rose, Rose Bush, Rose Buds, Red LeavesThis is not the only bud, more are just starting to grow and soon the bush will be full of blossoms.

Rainy Commute, Commute, Spring RainThis afternoon the rain came and it is sure nice to have some spring rain.

A lot of people were scared at the office today when we had a lightning strike very near to our building. The strike was very loud and it was immediately followed by rolling thunder. It was interesting to hear the reaction from the native Californians who have rarely experienced thunder storms.

Windshield Wipers, Altamont, commuteIt is a pretty drive over the Altamont in spring as the hills are nice and green. However, the view was obscured by a very wet windshield. Good thing I have some good wipers.

We will hopefully get more rain tomorrow. We will take any we get as we slowly recover from the drought from the last few years.



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