When people know that I have been or am going to Australia they will often ask me if people there eat kangaroo, or whether I have eaten it.

This evening I took a few pictures in a grocery store to answer that question.

Kangaroo Steak, Packaged Kangaroo, Food, AustraliaWhile looking for something else I ran across a cooler that had packaged kangaroo meat.

Here is a package of kangaroo steak, I have eaten kangaroo steak in a restaurant before.

But,  is it available in other forms?

Kangaroo mince, Kangaroo hamburger, AustraliaMacro Meats – Gourmet Game has more than a dozen kangaroo products including kangaroo mince. Basically ground kangaroo.

Kangaroo kebabs, Macro Meats, kangaroo meatHow about some kangaroo kebabs? All ready for the grill as they are pre-marinated.

Kangaroo bangers, Kangaroo hot dogs, Australia, Gourmet GameThere are even kangaroo hot dogs or sausages. Or as they say in Australia Kanga Bangas. They are available in both natural and bush tomato flavors.

I do have a kitchen to cook in, so perhaps I could cook up some kangaroo while I am here. I have all the pots, pans and utensils to cook with, but am missing essentials like spices. So, probably will not happen. I will most likely just stick with basic breakfast items.

So to answer the question, kangaroo is readily available and it is not too expensive.

Have you eaten kangaroo?



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