A Rainy Day in North Ryde

Today has been a rainy day, which is very welcome after the very hot weather over the weekend here in Australia.

Our office is in the Sydney suburb of North Ryde, so if you are wondering about the post title, that is your answer. I think that the title has a nice ring to it.

Rainy day in north ryde, australia, rain

Today was a nice day to be stuck inside a classroom. You could hear the rain drumming on the roof and see the heavy rain out the windows. There was also a bit of thunder at one point.

Luckily the rain had stopped by the end of the work day and the walk back to the apartment.

rain drops, agapanthus, Australia, thunderstormHere you can see some of the rain drops on the agapanthus leaves near the hotel.

Shrimpton Creek, North Ryde, Australia, After the rainYou can compare this picture with ones from the post I wrote  yesterday.

See: Around the Apartment II

Shrimptons Creek is now flowing again and full of water.

Creek after rain, North Ryde, Shrimpton CreekHere you can really see that the creek is flowing.

North Ryde, Shrimpton Creek, Rainy Day, AustraliaHere is another view of the creek. You can tell that the water level was much higher earlier by observing the grass in the creek. It is obvious that the water was rushing through the clumps of grass.

The temperatures were much lower this evening and I was able to take a long walk. However, it was lightly sprinkling when I got back to the hotel.

Now for some sleep 🙂



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