Australia Day II

January 26 is Australia Day, but my friends in Australia are already celebrating as they are almost a day ahead of us here in America.

Sydney Harbour - Sydney Opera House - Sydney Ferries - Australia It does not take Australia Day to get me Thinking of Australia though as there are several other reasons.

Red Kangaroos, Taronga Zoo, Sydney, Australia, ZooFirst, I have a good friend from Canada who is there with his son. My friend John is visiting churches north or Brisbane and will be there for a couple of months.

They have been posting pictures of kangaroos and lizards. John’s son Jack has several lizards at home so he is enjoying chasing them.

Hazor Lizard Tel-HazorThis lizard is not from Australia, but it was the first lizard picture I found in my posts. This one is from my post Hazor Lizard.

Australian Trees, Intersection, North Ryde, AustraliaThe second reason that I am thinking about Australia is that I will be flying there at the end of next week to do some training.

However, I will not be too close to where my friends are. Australia is a large country and they are a 15 hour drive or a 3 hour flight away from Sydney.

But, I have some wonderful friends who live close to the office where I will be working. I am really looking forward to seeing them soon.

Koala Bear, Taronga Zoo, Sydney, AustrliaI am definitely looking forward to some warmer weather. I really need some sun, which I should get in abundance.



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