Thinking of Australia

I am thinking of Australia tonight as my good friend John and his son are taking off from Toronto tonight for a visit there.

Summer in Australia - Summer Down Under - Australian ParkI am sure that they will enjoy the summer weather there, especially as it will be much warmer than Canada.

Sydney Harbour - February 2014 - Winter Olympics Sochi - Winter Olympics in SummerThey will not be in Sydney as they will be visiting friends in Bundaberg which is up north of Brisbane on the Queensland coast.

However I am thinking of this picture as they will be there for Australia Day which marks the arrival of the First Fleet at Botany Bay about 10 kilometers south of the Harbour Bridge.

Kangaroo - Taronga Zoo - Sydney Zoo - Australia - Zoo ExhibitsI am sure that John and Jack will be seeing some kangaroos while they are there.

Laughing Kookabura - Dacelo novaeguineae - Giant Kingfisher - Kookaburra Tail FeathersPerhaps they will also see a kookaburra. I am thinking back to when I went with John and two of his daughters to the Toronto Zoo and saw a kookaburra there.

The kookaburra above though was near our office in Sydney. I think that they are very interesting birds.

Crooked Tree Branch - Eucalyptus - Nature Walk - Australia NatureI am sure that John will be taking a lot of nature pictures as this is one of the interests that we share. He will have interesting looking trees and animals to take pictures of.

Now to come up with a good reason to visit Australia later this year šŸ™‚


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