Mother, Wife and Daughter

You may wonder what this post will contain as it has an interesting title.

While looking through some pictures tonight I ran across one of my 2nd great grandmother and decided to share it. However, it needed some context so I continued looking for the right mix of pictures. I finally came up with the theme of Mother, Wife and Daughter.

Charles Shafer Van Duzor, Great Grandfather, Chub, Farmer, Overalls, Family picturesHere is a picture of my great grandfather Charles Shafer Van Duzor. Charles was known as Chub.

I really like this picture of him in his overalls. He was a farmer and lived near Coin, Iowa.

It is Chub’s Mother, Wife and Daughter who share this post with him.

Henrietta Shafer Van Duzor, 2nd Great Grandmother, Family History, Family PicturesHere is the  picture of my 2nd great grandmother Henrietta Shafer Van Duzor. Henrietta was born in 1846 in New York and after marrying Alfred Van Duzor moved to Coin, Iowa.

She of course is the mother of Charles Shafer Van Duzor.

Lottie Grace Cochran, Great Grand Mother, Family PicturesNext up is Charles’ wife Lottie Grace Cochran. I really like this picture of my great grandmother. I have wonderful memories of her from when she was in her 80’s. She lived with us for a short time when I was growing up in Ottumwa, Iowa and then we later would visit her in Clarinda, Iowa.

I remember going to her funeral in 1978 just after a huge snowstorm. I can still remember the walls of snow along the road near Hamburg, Iowa.

Grandma High School Picture - Agnes Van DuzorChub’s daughter was my grandmother Agnes Grace Van Duzor. This picture was taken shortly after his death when she was a senior in high school.

It is interesting for me to see the pictures of the three generations of women that were in my great grandfather’s life. His Mother, Wife and Daughter.


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3 Responses to Mother, Wife and Daughter

  1. Mel Pete says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  2. Betty-Hamburg Reporter says:

    Steve, I hope it is OK, but I’m using some of your Hamburg photos this week again in the Reporter. The baseball bus and kids, and I’m also using your parents telling about your Grandfather being Santa, and about you finding Hamburg info from your Grandmother’s scrapbooks. I’m also putting photos used by permission from Steve Braman and his website and listing your website telling them to go on it for more stories and photos of Hamburg years ago.


    Betty Travis Hamburg Reporter

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