Wet and Windy Wednesday II

The commute home tonight was not much fun. I was already late leaving work and knew that it would be a stretch to make it to Bible study on time in Patterson.

Rain, Wind, Commute, WednesdayTraffic was not any worse than usual, but not very fun to drive in the rain that was falling. The rain tapered off as I got to the Altamont and it was not too bad, especially as I was moving slower.Wet and Windy, Altamont, Truck Traffic, Stormy Weather CommuteHowever, once I got over the Altamont the winds started picking up. I made the decision to head to home instead of to Patterson and by the time I made it home I was very glad that I did.Rain, STorm, California, Windy, AltamontSustained winds are at 25+ mph and gusting to 50 mph. In fact the Tracy Police department has issued the following alert:

Tracy PD Nixle Alert: Due to high winds, Tracy is experiencing a large number of fallen trees & branches blocking roads. Please avoid driving unless necessary.

The National Weather Service has also issued a Wind Advisory that is in effect until midnight.

I am definitely in for the night.

Commute in the Rain, Altamont, 580, trafficThe pictures here were all taken by just turning on my camera, pointing it forward and quickly taking the shot. No looking to see if they were good or changing settings for a better shot. They didn’t turn out to bad.

Trucks in Rain, Altamont, Stormy Weather, 580 commuteI am glad that I was almost home before the strong winds started up. It is very noisy in my house tonight with the wind blowing the the sound of windblown rain hitting the house.

Bad Weather, Hail, ThunderstormsIt may get really noisy in about 20 minutes if we get hail. Good thing my car is safely in the garage.


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One Response to Wet and Windy Wednesday II

  1. glad you made it safely home. did miss you tonight, but thought the weather was the factor.

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