The Last Encyclopedia Brown

Back in 2012 I wrote a post about my memories of the Encyclopedia Brown books.

Encyclopedia Brown, Library Books, Book seriesI wrote the post shortly after the passing of Donald J. Sobol who was the author of the Encyclopedia Brown books.

At the time of his passing there were 27 books in the series.

Encyclopedia Brown - He did solve them all.

Encyclopedia Brown – He did solve them all.

I read one of them right away as it was on my shelves. The title Encyclopedia Brown Solves Them All challenged me to read all of the books in the series.

I was soon was able to get the rest of them from the library. I had ‘read them all’.

No case too small.

No case too small.

Reading them brought back many memories. I remembered many of the books, but there were also quite a few that I had not read.

Enyclopedia Brown, Donald J. Sobol, Soccer Scheme, puns, mysteriesEarlier this week while writing The Post Pipeline III I thought of the Encyclopedia Brown – Memories post. As I reread it I discovered that I had never read the last book in the series which had been published after his death.

I then went to the library website and requested the book so that I could read it. I picked up the book today and read it while having a snack at the Target snack bar before doing some shopping.

Reading it brought back memories of the funny little puns, the interesting mysteries and the wealth of information that these books bring to young readers.

It is sad that Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Soccer Scheme was the last of the series, but Donald J. Sobol left a legacy of 28 great Encyclopedia Brown books that readers have continued to enjoy.


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