2017 Calendars

It is the first week of the year which means it is time for new calendars.

I spend Tuesday morning opening and hanging my new calendars. I like to have changing art on my walls ๐Ÿ™‚

2017 Calendars, National Geographic, SherlockHere are some of the calendars laid out ready to go.

Osh Train Calendar, Orchard Supply Calendar, 2017In my bathroom I hung my OSH calendar. I always like the train calendar that they give away free at Orchard Supply and Hardware.

National Geographic, Eagle Calendar, 2017 CalendarsIn my kitchen I have the National Geographic Eagles calendar. I have bought this calendar for many years. It reminds me that I am an Eagle Scout.

National Geographic Elephant Calendar, 2017 CalendarsI also have an Elephant calendar from National Geographic. I have a collection of Elephants from around the world and they are mostly in my living/dining room where this calendar is hanging.

2017 Calendars, National GeographicIn my office is the National Geographic American Farm Country calendar. It is good to remember my roots, plus it has some wonderful scenic pictures.

Sherlock Calendar, 2017 Calendar, Sherlock Holmes, 221B Baker StreetI also purchased a Sherlock calendar this year. It was basically free as if I spent past a certain level I got a 20% discount and free shipping. I needed one more calendar to get to the level so bought this one. The total dropped back to where the other calendars were ๐Ÿ™‚

Of course, Sherlock is on the mind of many of my friends with the premier of the new season. See: The Return of Sherlock Holmes

Now off to the airport.


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