Turkey Time

Today I have been thinking about Turkey.

Wild Turkey - Thanksgiving - Dublin, California - Turkey on Car You may have noticed that I capitalized the word Turkey. That is because I have been thinking about Turkey the country.

Of course, since I have been thinking about the country, I am also thinking about the bird, especially as it is November and it is Turkey Month.

I just recently sent in my deposit and paperwork for an Ancient Crossroads Tour of Biblical & Historical Turkey. I am really looking forward to the trip next May and I am starting to pull together reading material to prepare for the trip.

National Geographic - July 1977 - Turkey - Ancient Crossroads - WaterfallIn the brochure there are several issues of National Geographic that were listed as additional reading material. I decided to go get them off of my shelves today and look at the pictures.

The first issue that was mentioned was July 1977. This issue has a great article about Turkey and how it has been at the crossroads of history.

National Geographic - January 1958 - Turkey - Ancient Crossroads - Cappadocia - Turkey - Cave DwellingsThe January 1958 issue of National Geographic has an article about Cappadocia.

The article has pictures of rock cones that people have hollowed out and use for dwellings. The pictures are really cool and I look forward to seeing them next year. I also saw a picture of them today that was posted by a friend who was there this week.

National Geographic - July 1970 - Turkey - Ancient Crossroads - Cappadocia - Turkey - Cave DwellingsThe July 1970 issue of National Geographic has an article titled: Keeping House in a Cappadocian Cave

This issue has great color photos which is an interesting contrast with the black and white pictures of the 1958 issue.

Both issues include pictures of caves that were used as churches.

On the tour we will be spending a couple of nights in a cave hotel, so we will get a good look at this part of Turkey.

I will also have to read the article about the Hutterites in the July 1970 issue. I have done a lot of research about Hutterites in the past, but it would be good to refresh my memory.

The trip is still more than half a year away, but I am really excited about starting my research. I am sure that I will read these articles several times before then.

I will be wandering to other places before then, but this is the trip I am really looking forward to.




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11 Responses to Turkey Time

  1. Looking forward to hearing what your trip to Turkey is like! Please blog a lot about it!

  2. Glenda McDougal says:

    You lead a fascinating life!!! Thanks for sharing!!

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  4. Boomdeeadda says:

    I have a friend who’s traveled thru Turkey on a tour and it sounded really interesting. The sleeping in a Cave Hotel seems sketchy, you’re adventurous, LOL I can’t wait to see the bed…maybe like Fred Flintstone?

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