27 Hour Journey

Today my travel from home to hotel was about 27 hours.

The sequence was: Car, Shuttle Bus, Plane (that never took off), Plane, Train, Train and Street Train

Plus a lot of walking ūüôā

Needless to say I am tired, so will just make a quick post.

San Francisco Airport, SFO, Planes, United Airlines, Air CanadaI was supposed to take off from SFO at 2:05 on Tuesday afternoon. After a change of equipment we finally took off for Frankfurt at about 7:20. Only a little more than five hours late.

FRA, United, Frankfurt Air Port

Of course, that meant we were five hours late getting into Frankfurt. Taking this picture brought back memories from the last time I was in Frankfurt airport. See: Frankfurt to Jerusalem

Trains, Germany, frankfurt, ICEI also just missed a¬†train to Erfurt so had to wait a couple hours until the next train. I could have taken an earlier train but it had more connections and didn’t save me too much time. I was already late and just wanted to relax for a bit and not make as many trips up and down the steps of a train.

Train, Germany, ICE, High Speed TrainWe were soon speeding along across the south of Frankfurt and then on north to Erfurt.

In Erfurt I had to change trains to a regional train that putted along to Jena.

Then I had to wait 25 more minutes for the street train since it doesn’t run as often at night. I could have walked to my hotel quicker, but it is¬†uphill via¬†walking trails and it was raining.

So, now to sleep and get ready for a busy day tomorrow.


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