A Bit of Gephyrophobia

I am at the airport and ready to fly to Germany. I am ready for two weeks of watching TV without political ads.

I am a bit gephyrophobic,  but have gotten used to driving over the San Mateo Bridge on the way to the airport.

San Mateo Bridge, Airport travel, traffic, San Francisco BayThe bridge has two parts, a long causeway and then an elevated portion that ships and boats can pass under. The causeway is not too bad as it is low, straight and has wide shoulders.

San Mateo Bridge, San Francisco Bay,  To the AirportWhere the gephyrophobia really hits is on the elevated portion.It is up high and has narrow shoulders.  I still am a bit nervous driving over this part of the San Mateo Bridge.

However, it is a very beautiful drive over the bridge.

Yesterday was the 27th anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake which damaged several bridges in the Bay Area. This didn’t help today.

However, I made it across the bridge and to the airport with plenty of time left to relax before the flight.

San Francisco Airport, SFO, Planes, United Airlines, Air Canada

Here is the view from the United Club of planes that are getting ready to depart. The Air Canada plane nearest to me looks a bit small when compared to the others. It would be nice to go to Canada, but not where this one is headed.

Now to relax and get ready for the long flight. I hope I can get some good sleep as I will be very busy for the rest of the week and need to get over the jet lag as soon as possible.


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One Response to A Bit of Gephyrophobia

  1. Good luck on your trip to Germany Steven! 🙂

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