A Walk to Work in Fall

Tonight I thought I would share a few pictures from my walk to work this morning.

I have a nice scenic walk as I head down a walking path and over a river as I make my way to the office each morning here in Germany.

Walk to Work, Jena, Germany, Fall. leavesThe fall leaves are littering the walkway as I make my way to the bridge.

Trees, Jena, Yellow leaves, Rainy day, walkThe leaves are slowly changing color and the result is beautiful

Saale River, Jena, Germany, FAll ColorHere is the view of the The River Saale as I stopped on the bridge. I really like the reflections of the trees in the river.

Jena, Germany, Saale River, Goschwitz, Fall Colors, GeeseHere is a closer view with a pair of ducks swimming upriver.

Fall Color, Jena, Germany, Goschwitz, Walk to WorkAfter I crossed the bridge I saw a nice row of colorful trees. The fall color is definitely nice here in Jena.

Now for some sleep to help get over the jet lag.


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